The purpose of Dissect The Universe

Through a creative vision, we want to focus on the importance of self-care, both internally and externally, while demystifying the notion of ​​perfection in our daily routines. It’s not about where you are, but rather about understanding your current state and moving forward.

To understand this platform, let’s rewind to 2019. Its founder, Alba Olmos, was working on her final Bachelor’s thesis. Her focus was not only on the outcome but on the universe she wanted to create — using fashion to transmit values such as inclusion, progress, creativity, technology, connection, sustainability, and the daily pursuit of one’s true self.

After four years, Dissect The Universe is now a structural space where archived stories and moments are assembled in an accessible manner for everyone, providing continuity to that ever-evolving universe that surrounds us, just as society does.

Is this a physical or digital project?

We are currently striving to find a hybrid solution. While we acknowledge that digitisation is the future and enables accessibility for all, the core essence of Di_UNI is to bring people together in the physical world. We believe this can only be achieved by embracing the present moment.